Other World Fantasy: Part Three of the Three Part Fantasy Series

To some degree I think all writers are control freaks living in a world where they’re lucky to control their own breakfast, none-the-less their own life. Things come at them (as they do to all of us) from every direction, and so they turn to writing. In a story, the author controls the action, the plots and the characters. Now some authors will argue the point that their characters control the plot but we all know that everything starts in the writer's head.

Even so, most writers do not enjoy complete freedom in their craft, and are forced to comply with basic laws of physics and cultural norms. Unless of course they happen to write Other World Fantasy.

In Other World Fantasy, the story takes place in a reality different from our own. It maybe a world run by intelligent mice or inhabited by half dragon half mole like creatures. Perhaps citizens of this fantasy world can fly, read minds or get their children to bed at a decent hour every night. The sky is the limit… or perhaps it’s not.

Other World Fantasy is escapism in its truest form, and there are talented LDS writers who have mastered this genre.

Bron Bahlmann, sixteen-year-old author of Bone Warriors said the idea for the story came to him in a dream. And as you read about the sinister giants, colossal green jungle cats and undead monsters, one has to wonder if it was a dream or night mare. The story follows fifteen-year-old Derrick and his friend Tweaks as they fight the wicked necromancer in an effort to save their world and find their families.

BYU professor and fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson is known for his imaginative worlds and unusual plots. Author of over seven fantasy novels, Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy is a combination of Starwars meets Oceans Eleven. It’s an epic adventure full of political intrigue and clever magical thieves determined to change their world.

‘Skylan Ivorson is a sea-raider of the Vindras’, and thus begins the product summary for Bones of the Dragon the first of the four volume series Dragonships of Vindras by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman. Skylan searches for the Five Bones of the Vektan Dragons, to save the old gods and his people the Vindra.

Choose your adventure and fly with your imagination.


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