Some Secrets Hurt, A Story of Healing by Linda Kay Garner, Illustrated by D Brandilyn Speth


I don’t usually review children's books for several reasons. First off, they are always so good. It’s like movie reviews for Disney films are almost guaranteed a five star rating. Secondly, LDSBookcorner doesn’t carry children’s books and the Daily Chapter doesn’t spotlight them. However, when I read Some Secrets Hurt, A Story of Healing by Linda Kay Garner, I decided to make an exception

There is nothing more frightening to a parent than the thought that someone might be physical or emotionally molesting their child. And unfortunately, no matter how many times a mom or dad sit down and try to teach the importance of sharing such crucial information, it’s not at all unusual for a child to suffer in silence.

As horrible as the thought is of a molested child, the idea that they might feel alone with the burden or guilty themselves is almost unbearable. Which is why Garner approached such a serious topic in a child’s picture book.

Despite the subject matter, this is not a threatening or graphic book. In simple easy to understand language Garner explains and teaches the importance of letting parents know when something bad is happening in a way that is both reassuring and empowering.

D. Bradilyn Speth’s beautiful water colors illustrate most of each page. Maggie, the main character is a charming child and the “stranger” that Maggie knows and trust is tastefully depicted as a dark human shaped shadow.

Years ago, when I was working in a church children’s organization, it came to our attention that one of the children from the neighborhood had been displaying behaviors that could signal abuse. We spent hours coming up with a presentation that could not only approach this problem, but also warn the other children under our care. How I wish Some Secrets Hurt had been available at the time.

Garner does school visits from Preschool up to High School and her thoughtful presentations have been well received by both students and teachers.

If you are a parent, a grandparent or have a child that you love, this book has got to be a part of their personal library.

Visit Linda Kay Garner at her website Some Secrets Hurt.


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